March 23, 2024

Change and authenticity

Porter Robinson just released Cheerleader, the first single on his new album.

It’s a banger. But some fans are disappointed. It sounds very different from his past records. Some Porter stans like me have grown to appreciate his willingness to reinvent himself.

As much as I want a Worlds redux, I admire his ability to take a risk and share something different. Most artists – and people, metaphorically – stick with the same sound.

Worlds, Nurture, Virtual Self, Air2Earth, and presumably (based on his most recent single, Cheerleader) his upcoming album, all sound so different.

But he’s still authentically Porter — you can hear him throughout his catalog. 

Perhaps change and reinvention of oneself is the truest expression of authenticity. Fear of changing who we are — due to societal expectations, sunk costs, judgment, etc. — can lead toward a misalignment with who we are today.

So, thanks Porter for the reminder. :)

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