May 3, 2016

You’re looking good (on Product Hunt) 😽

Your Product Hunt profile says a lot about you. It highlights all the things you’ve upvoted, submitted, made, and collected. You might also find a mysterious emoji next to your name 😁.

Today, we rolled out shiny new profile pages for everyone. Here’s mine:

Now you can customize your profile with a header image that has more personality than the previous dark brown ‘blah’ header (I went with the retro Duck Hunt-inspired art by Aled Lewis, of course). Topics you follow are also included.

If you’re already logged in, go here to view your profile.

25 awesome people

In celebration of this new release, we’d like to highlight 25 awesome people in the Product Hunt community. Here we go…

Veronica Belmont

Destroyer of Worlds

Fun fact: Veronica isn’t really a world destroyer (afaik). She does many things, some of which you can listen to.

Harrison Barnes

Golden State Warriors basketball player

Fun fact: A while back, Harrison joined us on Product Hunt LIVE, shortly after I sent him this tweet, inspired by this TechCrunch video interview.

Julie Chabin

Product Designer at TM

Fun fact: Julie recently moved from France to San Francisco. She also loves goats (which explains the image on her profile).

Kevin Rose

Builder of internet things

Fun fact: Kevin recently shared this picture of himself in the snow (maybe sfw). 😂

Mubashar Iqbal (aka Mubs)

Maker and Co-Founder

Fun fact: Mubs is a machine and one of the most helpful people in the Product Hunt community. Check out all the things he’s made (!!!).

Jack Dweck

Product Manager at Unroll.Me

Fun fact: Jack has the highest upvote streak, upvoting for more than 140 consecutive days. 💯

Kiki Schirr

CMO and Co-founder of Fittr

Fun fact: Kiki is an amazing doodler. For example.

Eric Willis

Founder Chatmunk

Fun fact: One of the most prolific community members, Eric’s submitted more than 800 things. That’s more than once every day since he joined.

Julie Logan

Director of brand strategy at Giphy

Fun fact: Julie has an infectious personality that’ll make you smile. She started Nutmeg a few years ago before Giphy acquired her and her company.

Hiten Shah

Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics & Quick Sprout

Fun fact: Hiten, one of the most giving entrepreneurs in the Valley, recently started a new company called Quicksprout.

Daryna Kulya

Manager at Deloitte

Fun fact: Daryna has organized 8 awesome Product Hunt Toronto meetups, attracting over 2,000 attendees in total.

Rahul M

Security Researcher, Developer

Fun fact: For the past year+, he’s been helpful in finding and reporting bugs… of course, they’re all user error. We never have bugs. 😁

Chris Sacca

Chairman, Lowercase Capital

Fun fact: Some might recognize Chris from Forbes magazine cover story or Shark Tank, but we all know his greatest accomplishment was winning Product Hunt’s first Golden Kitty Award for Best Live Chat. 😸🏆

Sara Mauskopf

CEO and Co-founder Winnie Labs

Fun fact: Sara recently became a mother and founded Winnie Labs. Here’s a great interview with Megan Rose Dickey on TechCrunch.

Pieter Levels

Founder of Nomad List

Fun fact: Pieter is a unique individual, traveling the world, building his own products. He’s made quite a few, most notably Nomad List.

Nichole Elizabeth

SaaS Consultant & Customer Success Evangelist

Fun fact: Nikki is an awesome photographer. Check out her Instagram and her collection of products for artists.

Olivier El Mekki

Founder at Erudit

Fun fact: Olivier made a really neat Chrome extension that notifies you when your friends comment on Product Hunt. It’s called Friend Hunt. 😊-

Alexis Ohanian

C0-founder of reddit

Fun fact: Alexis and the reddit team recently launched the first official reddit mobile app. In the first day, it hit #1 free in the U.S. App Store.

Megan Quinn

General Partner at Spark Capital

Fun fact: Megan loves podcasts (and we do too).

Chris Messina

Developer Experience Lead at Uber

Fun fact: No, Chris doesn’t work at Product Hunt. He just uses it a lot (💕). He actually joined Uber recently.

Loic Le Meur

Co-Founder LeWeb and Founder

Fun fact: I put a Product Hunt kitty tattoo on Loic’s forehead. Proof.

Jeff Needles

BI at Meerkat & Maker of Things

Fun fact: Jeff loves emojis, so much so he built a tool to see which emojis you use most on Twitter, naturally called Emoji.Life.

Ria Blagburn

Founder, GrowBeyond

Fun fact: UK-based Ria has submitted over 325 things since joining Product Hunt as user # 1,565. 🙌



Fun fact: Vienna-based Moritz has made many things, most recently a Chrome extension that integrates Giphy into Product Hunt (two things I love).

Lindsay Martin

I design / build stuff

Fun fact: Lindsay is not a Powerpuff girl, despite what her profile pic (P.S. get yours here).

Share your fancy new profile, too

If you haven’t already, login and visit your Product Hunt profile. Remember, everything you upvote is saved there to share with others and “bookmark” for later.

If you have ideas on how we can improve them, please shoot us a note on Twitter (@ProductHunt) or email ( 🙏

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