January 15, 2018

Your invite to Product Hunt’s 4th annual community meetup 🎉

Last year, the Product Hunt community hosted over 150 meetups for tens of thousands of makers around the world, from India to Montreal. Today, we’re inviting you to our 4th annual Product Hunt community meetup in San Francisco and hope you have as much fun as others did in prior years.

Meetups have been a core part of Product Hunt’s culture since our first 20-person gathering in 2014. Since then, the community and gatherings have grown quite a bit, but the goal remains the same: to bring internet friends together IRL. Many of my closest friendships started in online communities, but it’s the in-person experiences that remain most memorable.

Most of our (globally distributed) Product Hunt team is flying into town to meet, chat, and enjoy the night with everyone too. Details:

When: January 25, 6–9pm

Where: Temple at 540 Howard Street in San Francisco

What: 🍹 Open bar (two drink max — be responsible!), 📸 GIF-powered photo booth, 😎 VR games, 😻 kitty swag, 💦 LaCroix (of course), ☕️ free-flowing Philz, 🙌 friendly folks, and 🤔 a few other surprises

The event is free to join thanks to our awesome friends at:

  • Google Play — If you’re building an Android app you should know about Google Play’s Start on Android program which can help you recruit early beta testers, get direct UI/UX feedback from Google experts, potential Play store featuring, and $20k in Google Cloud and Firebase credits. Learn more here.
  • Zendesk— Used by Airbnb, Slack and Peloton, this well-known support platform just launched a new program, offering a year of free services for startups that are just getting off the ground. Details here.
  • Grammarly— Grammarly helps make your writing be more clear, effective, and error-free wherever you type. Their recently launched mobile app was upvoted by more than 1,400 folks on Product Hunt.
  • Algolia— We’ve been using Algolia to power Product Hunt’s search for years. It’s awesome.
  • Intercom — We’re big fans of Intercom and use it to chat with the Product Hunt community every day.
  • Omni— I recently used Omni to rent a karaoke machine using their new peer-to-peer rental platform. It was glorious.
  • Spoke— TFW your run out of LaCroix in the office: 😭. Spoke helps team’s manage office requests all within Slack.

Join us and fellow makers, reporters, investors, and friends by RSVP’ing here. The first 100 people to arrive get a coveted kitty t-shirt. 😸

P.S. Unfortunately the venue does not allow anyone under 21 to enter. We tried our best to find a space big enough for 1,000+ people so I’m afraid our options are limited.

P.P.S. If you’re outside the Bay Area and want to host a Product Hunt meetup in your city, let us know! We’re happy to help.

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