August 30, 2013

Write Together

Sharing drafts and receiving feedback from fellow bloggers is the best way to become a better writer. Their input helps expand my ideas, better articulate my thoughts, and catch inaccuracies (no doubt saving me from Hacker News trolls). As with most things, collaboration produces better writing, yet there is no community to facilitate this.

The Internet is arguably the greatest invention man has created. Founded on openness, it empowers mankind to spread ideas, communicate, and collaborate more efficiently than ever before.

  • Wikipedia, the source of the world’s information, houses over four million articles, continuously updated by thousands of contributors daily.
  • Dribbble offers designers a platform to show their work in 400x300px thumbnails. This constraint inspires people to share unfinished pieces and provide honest feedback to help others with their craft.
  • GitHub enables developers to share code and collaborate, hosting more than five million repositories. It empowers people to learn from one another to write better software.

These platforms make the world a better place, enabling people to share information, become better designers, and write better code. They empower creators to produce something better than they could create themselves. But where will people go to share their stories?

I am hopeful Medium can enable and encourage others to share their story and ideas collaboratively. Notes, article suggestions, recommendations, and draft sharing are steps in this direction and a (small) preview of what’s to come.

Until then, I’ve created a private community for people to share their unpublished writing and write together to produce better writers and ideas.

Join me and others. Let’s write together.

Photo credit: shoothead

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