July 20, 2014

The TapTalk Meta Game, #tapwhere


I know you’re probably sick of me talking about TapTalk but here’s a fun meta game you might enjoy playing. It all started when my friend, Susan, sent me a tap from the peninsula, asking, “where am I?” Later we named it #tapwhere.

How to play:

  1. Open TapTalk
  2. Enter #tapwhere
  3. Aim your camera at something recognizable but not too obvious (remember, the map might provide a clue)
  4. Tap the recipient to send your #tapwhere
  5. Wait for their response… if they can’t identify the location, be kind and give them a hint
  6. If your #tapwhere buddy guesses correctly, they’re awarded invisible cool points (hooray!)
  7. Start over at step 1 when you change locations

Onno and the TapTalk team probably didn’t anticipate #tapwhere. It’s interesting to see what behaviors emerge from social applications like TapTalk and how they might influence future iterations of the product or entirely new app experiences.

I’m curious if any others are playing TapTalk meta games. If so, let me know at @rrhoover or tap me (I’m rrhoover).

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