December 10, 2015

The New Product Hunt iOS App (described in GIFs)

A few weeks ago, we launched a new Today, we released the biggest update to the iOS app since it was introduced just over a year ago.

In preparation for the announcement, I asked the team in Slack:

We decided to skip the words this time and instead show you the new app. Here’s the new Product Hunt iOS app, described in 10 lovely GIFs:

1. Explore what’s hot in tech, games, podcasts, and books

Swipe left and right to explore the most upvoted in tech, games, podcast, and books.

2. The new product page

See the product with images and videos, join the discussion, and explore similar apps, sites, games, podcasts, and books.

3. Save to a Collection

Bookmark and curate your favorite finds.

4. Follow Collections

Tap to follow collections you ❤.

5. Check out your profile

You look better in the new profile pages. Now fill it with upvotes and collections.

6. Listen to podcasts

We’ve added an audio player so you can listen to podcasts while you skip to work or burn off Thanksgiving at SoulCycle.

7. Join LIVE Chats

Browse upcoming and past LIVE Chats and jump in the conversation once they begin.

8. Explore the new Popular feed

Browse through a newly added feed of popular products, collections, and upcoming LIVE Chats, updated daily.

9. Search for anything

Search for apps, websites, gadgets, games, podcasts, and books in a few taps.

10. Search for anything (in Spotlight, too)

You can also search within iOS Spotlight, lickety–split.

Ok, enough GIFs. Download Product Hunt 3.0 for iOS and join the conversation on Product Hunt. :)

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