August 17, 2016

Teaming up with Amazon

We’re extending curation to one of the largest and most efficient distribution channels on the web.

Late last year, Amazon reached out to us to discuss a new initiative. They were in the process of building Amazon Launchpad, a destination celebrating new products from great startups. Today, we’re teaming up with them to surface awesome new products and help makers get their goods into the hands of consumers.

When it comes to e-commerce, Amazon is the leader. Their marketplace includes over one billion products globally (wow); and their ability to provide high-quality distribution and service is unparalleled. My monthly credit card statement is very familiar with Amazon, along with millions of others. :) Combine this with Amazon Launchpad’s commitment to helping startups with distribution and sales, it’s easy to see why we’re excited to work together.

How it works

There are more things being created every day and many of the products on Product Hunt are already available on Amazon Launchpad. Together, we’re giving people an opportunity to more easily buy these products as they are discovered. Products that are featured on Product Hunt and on Amazon Launchpad, will include a direct link to the product on Amazon.

Amazon customers will also find a destination of products curated by the Product Hunt community along with a badge on its product page, highlighting the popularity of a particularly product with the current number of upvotes it’s received.

In the following weeks, we’ll be introducing additional collections of products on, highlighting great things across a variety of topics.

Building upon the Product Hunt Shop

The Product Hunt Shop was a first step in this direction, to decrease the friction from discovery to purchase. This partnership is an extension of that, to make it easier for people to discover and buy things they 💕.

Maybe you’ll find something you love here. 😊

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