September 22, 2012

Stop Using noreply@

How many emails did you immediately delete without opening this morning? How many of those were from We’re drowning in unwanted, rote email yet companies miss the opportunity to escape the trash and create a connection with their users by communicate more personally.

Sending personal email is an opportunity to:

  • Increase Engagement - personally connect with users, let them know you care, and that you’re listening. They’ll be more engaged.
  • Get Feedback - this is the #1 ingredient for successful startups and companies. Ask for their thoughts and let them know there’s an open door for feedback.
  • Become Memorable - users expect noreply@ but when a personal note is received, an impression is made.

When I signed up for Quibb, its CEO and founder Sandi MacPherson, sent me the following email:

From: Sandi MacPherson
Subject: Hello Ryan

Hi Ryan,

I’m Sandi, founder at Quibb. Thanks for your tweet earlier this evening - sounds like you’re enjoying Quibb so far![…]

[…] Thanks for signing up - I hope you enjoy reading Andrew’s news and posts. If you have any questions or comments wrt Quibb - please let me know!

I replied and we shared a short conversation where I learned the meaning behind the name Quibb. Fun. :) And she does this for all new users. Bravo, Sandi!

As Sandi has demonstrated, the Internet doesn’t have to be faceless. We need to stop communicating with robots.

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