January 28, 2016

Role models

This morning, Groove published an interview with me. Reading through my responses to their questions made me misty-eyed as I reflected on my childhood. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have parents that supported and encouraged entrepreneurial projects as a child.

When I was 11 or 12, it was my responsibility to manage the gumball machines, which didn’t mean I would do a whole lot of work, but as a very young kid I had to buy more gumballs, Runts, Reese’s M&M’s, that sort of thing. I’d fill them up and make sure they were stocked.
I’d collect all of the coins and quarters. As a kid, holding a giant bag of quarters was meaningful.. It was heavy, and maybe it was only $5 or so, but it felt like a lot of money.
I’d collect the money and then I used my grandpa’s old Apple computer to record revenues and expenses in a spreadsheet.
That was cool as a kid, because I learned “oh, I can do this thing that can turn into actual money.” That’s how capitalism works in some ways and it doesn’t have to be through a traditional job where you get paid hourly.

This interview emphasized a topic that’s been on my mind: role models.

Role models inspire us, give us hope, and create opportunities for others, directly and indirectly.

It’s hard for me to imagine life without the support of my entrepreneurial parents but I’m certain I wouldn’t be doing something I love every day without them.

Thanks, mom and dad. 🙏

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