April 14, 2014

Product Hunt Live Founder AMA Recap

Thanks all 65 of you for joining me at the first Product Hunt Live Founder AMA last Friday at the majestic Monkey Inferno (thanks for hosting!).

  • Shaan Puri gave us the backstory on the Bebo reacquisition and shared the inspiration for Monkey Inferno’s new video walkie talkie app, Blab.
  • Michael Galpert used virtual assistants to “MVP” his initial product which led to the stupid simple calendar scheduling service, Super.cc.
  • Sandi MacPherson shared her early, “unscalable” tactics growing Quibb (ask her about cranks!).
  • Jonathan Howard gave us a look into his diverse background from politics to gaming to now healthcare as the co-founder of Emissary.
  • Zack Shapiro told us about Luna and his ridiculous/awesome idea to own every rooftop in San Francisco.

Sorry to those that couldn’t snag a ticket before they sold out but hopefully these pics will alleviate the FOMO ;).

via Joe Mahavuthivanij

via Ryan Hoover

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