August 18, 2015

Product Hunt LIVE

Chat with the world’s most interesting makers

When Nathan and I first started Product Hunt, a tiny side project built over Thanksgiving break, something unexpected started to happen: people began tagging the creators of posted products. Enthusiastically, makers jumped into the conversation, answering questions and sharing their story (something that’s often left out of press releases).

In a sense, this conversation is a continuation of a project I worked on before Product Hunt, called Startup Edition. It was a weekly email digest of stories from founders writing about a specific topic ranging from how they started their companies to the biggest mistakes they’ve made. I hoped Startup Edition would “unlock” these stories that are often never told, and it did for the 50+ entrepreneurs who participated before sunsetting the project (as you can imagine, Product Hunt keeps me busy). ;)

Real, human conversation

Product Hunt is a place for unfiltered conversation with makers and enthusiasts. People appreciate the direct, human interaction and opportunity to ask questions, share feedback, and geek out with the makers of products.

Sometimes it’s inspiring:

Sometimes it’s silly:

But until now, these conversations have been limited to a product launch (discussions with Ben Rubin, Danielle Morrill, Jason Calacanis, and Snoop Dogg are some of my favorites).

Introducing Product Hunt LIVE

Product Hunt LIVE is a place for the world’s most interesting founders, investors, musicians, authors, game creators, entertainers, and other makers to answer your questions.

Here’s how it works…

Every day we’ll host LIVE Chats with makers. View the schedule and subscribe to the ones you’re interested in joining. We’ll send you an email reminder so you don’t miss the opportunity to join the conversation. Once the event starts, anyone can ask questions (no invite required).

We have a diverse and fun lineup over the next few months, including:

And many others.

But Product Hunt LIVE isn’t just for high-profile people; it’s for anyone building something cool. We’re excited to have some of our diehard community members in addition to independent makers like Jesiah Bonney, a car salesman with an amazing talent (check out some of his 10-second music videos — they’re aaamazing).

Check out the full list and subscribe to your favorites.

We’re eager to hear your suggestions of who you’d like to see added to the list. Share your recommendations with us on Twitter. 😊

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