April 19, 2014

My Favorite Product Hunt Finds: February 2014

I just spent an hour on Product Hunt, looking back at February’s hunts. I really should be working but couldn’t help myself. There are so many creative, useful products being built and while many of them are clearly not for me (e.g. Bellabeat, a pregnancy tracking application), I enjoy learning about them and chatting with its founders.

Here are a few of my favorite Product Hunt finds, posted this February:


Quickly add events to your calendar from any email, added by Michael Galpert

I describe Super.cc as an “invisible” product. When coordinating a meeting over email, simply cc “add@super.cc” to automagically create a calendar invite with the stated day and time mentioned in the email. Although it only takes a few seconds to open Google Calendar and create an invite, many people (myself included) do this frequently enough that this slight annoyance has a meaningful impact on productivity. Super.cc is early and I’m anxious to see how its founder/CEO Michael Galpert and team make scheduling less painful. Please, help us! :)


Reading reimagined. Technology for faster communication, added by me!

Last year I asked the question, “If you could make just ONE thing more efficient, what would it be?“ My answer: make communication and knowledge-transfer more efficient. This isn’t far off from Spritz’s mission to, “change the way people read and make communication faster, easier, and more effective.” The speed-reading tech empowers people to read at 500+ words per minute and its demo inspires me to brainstorm ways it could be applied to our everyday lives.

Telegram Messenger

Whatsapp-esque messaging app but open, cloudbased, encrypted, added by Adam Kazwell

My buddy, Kevin Li, recently pulled me into Telegram Messenger. Damn, it’s fast. I especially appreciate the muting and notification settings it provides, giving users the ability to modify notifications for private vs. group chats.


Build Realtime Search, added by Romain Dardour

Ahh, Algolia. I love you so much. The team approached me a few months ago with a functional demo of Product Hunt real-time search. They didn’t ask me first. They just did it. And as Maxime Salomon, product marketer at Algolia, describes, it’s better to show than tell. With that, instead of describing how awesome it is, you can check it out yourself here.

Cool stuff, huh? Take a peak at Product Hunt and share your favorites with me on Twitter (@rrhoover).

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