January 12, 2015

Join Product Hunt at the LAUNCH Festival

A few weeks ago I was walking down Market St. in San Francisco, heads down in my phone (typical) when I heard someone yell, “I love Product Hunt!” I pulled my head up and smiled. It was Jason Calacanis.

I first got to know Jason through his show, This Week in Startups. I’ve watched every episode since it started over four years ago (wow) and more recently had the pleasure of being on the show twice (here’s my interview and the double Ryan news roundtable).

Over the years I’ve gotten to know Jason and our serendipitous encounter on Market St. sparked a conversation about his upcoming LAUNCH Festival, a conference featuring dozens of new startups and talks from some of the greatest mind’s in the startup world. I’ve had the pleasure of attending the past few years and today I’m thrilled to announce Product Hunt will be part of it.

In true Product Hunt spirit, we’ll be hosting live AMA’s between March 2–4 in San Francisco with an amazing group of founders and investors at the festival, including:

If you haven’t already snagged a ticket, grab a Builder Pass here, free for the first 300 product hunters.

See you there and stay tuned for more announcements leading up to the event. ☺

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