August 13, 2013

I need a haircut

…but I’m too lazy to call my barber and setup a time that fits my chaotic schedule.

I hate talking about the phone (and I know many others in my generation feel the same) yet most local businesses are still not online. I’d love for Sunrise to help with this.

Click a button and BOOM! an appointment or reservation is scheduled with a barber, doctor, dentist, restaurant, therapist, etc. that fits my busy calendar.

You might argue, “This sounds like a lot of infrastructure to build to get these service providers and businesses online.” Thankfully, you don’t need any of that. Like TalkTo, you can simply make the call on the user’s behalf, using contract/outsourced labor.

This opens several monetization opportunities, most obvious of which is paid placement and promotion of business customers.

The message above is an email I sent to Jeremy Le Van, co-founder of Sunrise, this morning.

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