May 6, 2013

Growth Hacking via Google Analytics

Last night I logged into my Google Analytics account, curious to see where my traffic came from.

I navigated to “traffic sources > sources > all traffic” and noticed Buffer on the list. I drilled into the source to view campaigns and noticed several identified by individual Twitter users.


They do this by simply appending parameters to URL’s shared on the service. This tweet by Dan Martell, includes a link to a post of mine a few days ago. You will notice the non-shortened URL looks like (underline and spaces added for emphasis and formatting purposes): buffer_share=f694e&utm_source=buffer &utm_medium=twitter &utm_campaign=Buffer%253A%252Bdanmartell%252Bon%252Btwitter

This is not only useful for blog and site owners but a useful tactic for creating free exposure to an audience of content creators. Clever.

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