October 9, 2015

“Everyone is human”

Earlier this week, we announced our Super Top Secret Product Hunt β to give people in the community early access to new features we’re working on. Thousands signed up.

In the form, we asked, “Why do you use Product Hunt?” I read through most of the responses but this one stood out to me:

I subscribe to most of the [Product Hunt LIVE Chats] or, at least, read them later. I think there’s great value in these. Mainly because you reach the point of understanding that everyone is just a human ;P. So you get hope.

Many people, including myself, are inspired by other’s accomplishments, but often struck with Imposter Syndrome.

“There’s no way I could do that.”

Sometimes we’re given a chance to connect with our seemingly unreachable heroes thanks to the Internet, and recognize that they’re human, too.

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