July 20, 2013

Everyone Has Something to Teach

This morning I woke up and turned to my bed stand to pickup my phone. I first checked my email, as I normally do, and found a link to Justin Mares’ latest post, Writing and Hidden Influence. This topic has been on my mind, something I’ve wanted to write about for a while. So I did, in the comments of his blog.

Here are my quick thoughts on the power of writing and belief that everyone has something to teach:

Amen, Justin.

Like many people, I used to discount my own thoughts and knowledge, worrying how people would judge it if I put it out there. But in reality, everyone has something to teach. The 18 year-old high school grad may not be as experienced or insightful than the veteran VC but his ideas and experience can still make a large impact despite his relatively green perspective.

And now for my #humblebrag…

The more I write, the more often people reach out to express appreciation. Several have thanked me for one post in-particular: Email-First Startups. When it was written, I had never managed an email list before. Clearly I wasn’t qualified to write about that startup strategy, right? Wrong. I shared my thoughts and observations unabashed and that tiny post changed the way some entrepreneurs are building their product (I know because they told me).

So keep writing and influencing, Justin. :)

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