April 21, 2016

A tiny Product Hunt app for your Mac

We just launched Product Hunt for Mac, a tiny app that lives in your menu bar. It looks like this:

The app makes it super easy to see all the cool things people are making. You’ll find newly posted products, books, games, and podcasts appear at the top, highlighted with a red dot. Swipe your touchpad to scroll through the day’s feed.

Product Hunt everywhere

We offer many ways to stay up-to-date on what’s hot on Product Hunt. We have a growing email digest, highlighting great new collections, trending topics, and top posts of the day. There’s an iOS app so you can explore what’s new on the go. Our Chrome extension lives in the background of your browser. We have an open API, currently being used by more than 150 apps (including a “Tinder for Product Hunt”, no joke). And of course, we’re on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram as well.

The Mac app is yet another way to explore Product Hunt.

Build it with us (open source, ftw)

We’ve been inspired by a few others that have built awesome Mac apps with our API. The interest in Hunt X, Laser Kitten (lol, that name), Huntr, The Hunt, and One further encouraged us to create (and maintain) an official version and make it open source so others can contribute. It’s all on GitHub.

We know many of you have great ideas and would love to work with you on it. :)

What’s next

The app was built and designed by my awesome teammates, Vlado and Seth, in just a few weeks. We’re eager to get your feedback.

Download it here and shoot us a note on Twitter (@ProductHunt) or email (hello@producthunt.com) with your ideas. 😊

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