January 12, 2016

A few Peachy observations

Many are comparing Peach to Snapchat and Twitter. Here are a few quick observations on what makes it unique:

  1. Users are incentivized to post more often to bump their profile to the top of their friends’ feed.
  2. Unlike Twitter, no one person can spam your feed (as Josh Constine noted on Twitter). Each post is grouped with your profile.
  3. Similar to Snapchat, you must friend someone to see their feed, with exception to the friends of friends feed.
  4. Unlike Snapchat, you can find new people in the friends of friends feed, although a chronological list probably isn’t the best sorting.
  5. The more friends you have, the further your posts spread via the friends of friends feed.

We’ve been having fun with the Product Hunt 🍑 account, seeing as much/sometimes more engagement than on Twitter, although anything new often attracts more attention at first.

P.S. I’m rrhoover on 🍑. Send me boops!

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