December 27, 2015

A dangerous new game called Camera Rollette

Yesterday, my family and I invented a new game. We call it Camera Rollette.

Ages: 6+

Number of Players: 3–6 recommended

Other requirements: Each person must bring their phone filled with hundreds of photos/videos. Don’t you dare delete the embarrassing ones.

How to Play:

  1. Player 1 opens their camera roll and hands their phone to the person on their left (Player 2).
  2. Player 2 scrolls through the camera roll in one big swipe, tapping their finger to stop on one random photo/video.
  3. Player 2 must name the location the photo or video was taken. The more specific, the better. Players earn 1 point for naming the city (e.g. San Francisco) and 2 points for naming the specific location (e.g. The Mezzanine).
  4. After Player 2 is finished, s/he passes Player 1’s phone to their left and Player 3 begins.
  5. Once the phone returns to its owner, the next player offers their camera roll to the group and the group repeats steps 1–4 for a total of 3 rotations. The player with the most points at the end, wins. πŸ†

Camera Rollette is a fun way to relive and share nostalgic memories with friends, and especially enjoyable when embarrassing photos/videos appear. Pro tip: play with people you trust.

h/t Jack Smith IV for the name


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